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It’s just that there is a far more compelling option in the recent Poco lineup. I wouldn’t call the 33W charging super fast, but it tops up the large 5,120mAh internal battery in less than a couple of hours from under 10%. That is a win-win for me as someone who doesn’t want to charge a device every single day wherever possible. Having reviewed a ton of Xiaomi devices in recent months, MIUI 12 has still not grown on me enough to be my first choice of Android skin. That said, the wealth of features is a major draw for those wanting to tweak, tinker, or just toy with their smartphone. We’ve seen a whole raft of affordable Xiaomi devices bombarding the market over the past couple of months.

volver a rom stock poco x3 pro

If we pick a winner in terms of camera, you can see that POCO X4 Pro takes better pictures than POCO X3 Pro, but unfortunately we can’t say the same about video recording. If you still need to pick a winner, our winner is the POCO X4 Pro. On the front, the screen design remains quite similar (Full HD+, with center perforation and 6.67-inch diagonal), but the biggest change is that the panel is AMOLED. Again, with a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz, but with the touch response speed increased to 360 Hz (it is 240 Hz on the POCO X3 Pro). The difference in the names reflects in their prowess and performance. While the Snapdragon 732G is a very efficient processor in its own right, it is going up against a high-end processor, the Snapdragon 860.

  • But no phone can be perfect and if it is, then there will be nothing to innovate on.
  • These days, most people think AMOLED is the standard, and it would provide better viewing angles.
  • But 4G/LTE connectivity is perfectly good enough and, without the concern over elevated costs or battery consumption, we think it’ll be lapped up by many consumers.

for several devices that do not share the same kernel source, aim for 75GB-100GB. This space will be permanently occupied on your drive, so take this into consideration. After you download the custom ROM, proceed to install the ROM on your device.

  • To say that both handsets have a 6.67-inch display is only half the story.
  • You are going to need your device stock Rom for the following reasons someday.
  • The Poco X3 Pro is the best budget Fortnite phone you can get, at the time of review.
  • There’s a reasonable amount of detail in daylight shots, but don’t expect the most realistic textures.

The 5160 mAh battery is more than good enough for daily usage. While some brands saw the potential in it before anybody else, some are taking their time to realize it.


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