About Benito’s

What's Your Pizza? Hand-Tossed, Deep Dish or Thin Crust?


Benito’s Pizza begins…

Benito’s Pizza, founded by Benito Mautone in 1979, is a family-owned and operated pizza chain which began as a single unit, take-out/delivery pizzeria in Belleville, Michigan. Benito’s Pizza has since grown into a franchise company operating in the Southeast Michigan area. It is with a strong sense of family pride that Benito’s Pizza strives to uphold an excellent reputation for serving high-quality pizza in a family-friendly environment.

Benito was born in a small village in southern Italy, and immigrated to the United States with many of his family members when he was 18 years old. He brought with him a strong work ethic and a love of family, food, and hospitality. Benito took those passions and began working in the food service industry in his 20’s ultimately establishing Benito’s Pizza as a high-end competitor in the Southeast Michigan area.

Benito’s Pizza operated for many years as a single-unit take-out/delivery store offering pizza and pop on the menu.

“We had just the one location in Belleville, Michigan for many years, but we were getting many requests from customers to expand into surrounding cities. With that increase in demand, it made sense to open new locations.”

Jason Mautone

Expanding throughout Metro Detroit…

In 1991, Benito opened the second Benito’s Pizza in Westland, Michigan. Building on that growth, the third corporate location was built in 1995 in Canton, Michigan with the first franchise opening in 1993, in Sumpter Township.

Around the year 2000, through the concerted efforts of Benito and his sons, Jason, Michael and Mauro, Benito’s Pizza pursued a growth strategy with significant franchise expansion. This expansion saw the number of Benito’s Pizza stores more than double under the leadership of Vice President & Director of Franchise Operations, Jason Mautone.

With this physical growth strategy came an increase in menu offerings. Benito’s Pizza menu expanded considerably to include calzones, subs, wings, pasta, salads, bread, and appetizers. As always, each item was carefully selected and produced with attention to quality and detail. Despite this menu expansion, however, our pizza remains the cornerstone of our business. Our signature pizza sauce blend and dough recipes developed by Benito remain the foundation of our business and the secret to our success.

A tradition of old-world quality continues

Benito’s Pizza has had a rich tradition in the Southeast Michigan market and has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Belleville, Michigan. Our passion for old-world quality is still carried through with everything we make today because quality matters most at Benito’s Pizza. We don’t cut corners, and we use only the freshest ingredients.. No matter what style of pizza you prefer – deep dish, hand-tossed round or specialty – we work hard to maintain our reputation as the pizza lover’s pizza!

As always, our employees and franchise partners are an extension of the Benito’s family. Many of our team members and managers have been employed with us for years. Our employees are the main contributor to our success. Benito’s Pizza strives to foster a team spirit and is committed to pleasing customers 100% of the time.

Benito’s Pizza has provided delicious, high-quality pizza and food for over 40 years. Our product and our people are the mainstays of our business. This is not just a job to us. It’s a passion, and we always strive to be the best. We care about what we serve to people, and we’ll never sacrifice quality to make it easier.


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